Patients without physician recommendation, please refer to our FAQ section for more information.

To place an order without recommendation (Cash Only)

  • Text I.D. to 909-656-6309 (Inland Empire/SGV) or 213-362-8574 (Glendale/SFV).
  • Text full address and preferred strain for gifting.
  • Confirm & gift will be en route. Donation & signing at time of delivery.

To place an order (Cash, CashApp, or PayPal)

  • Please text Rec & I.D. to 909-656-6309 (Inland Empire/SGV) or 213-362-8574 (Glendale/SFV).
  • Wait for verification (5-10 minutes).
  • Text full order, address, and preferred payment option.
  • Confirm & meds will be en route. Payment at time of delivery.